Making Work Optional


Retirement in the 21st century can mean attaining a version of freedom where work becomes optional, at any age.


Once you have enough resources where income from employment isn’t required to maintain your lifestyle, you have the freedom to pursue whatever retirement looks like for you. This ebook from Merriman Advisor Geoff Curran is filled with real-life strategies we recommend to clients to enhance their financial situations and help them along the way toward making work optional.


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How we help



We employ a proactive and collaborative process to understand who you are and what you want to accomplish so we can implement a customized plan for all areas of your financial life: Investments, taxes, estate planning, insurance, charitable giving, and more.



First Time Homebuyer's Guide

Are you getting ready to buy your first home?

In First Time Homebuyer’s Guide, Merriman Advisor Geoff Curran gives some important advice to home buyers based on his own experience and the help of mortgage brokers, insurance agents, and inspectors.

Whether it’s general negotiating skills or tactics to receive assistance with financing from the seller, understanding the whole home buying process before you even start can make it all go much more smoothly.

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The Transparent Legacy


Conversations you must have with your loved ones before it’s too late.


Merriman advisor and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Cheryl Curran provides advice and encouragement on educating young children about money to talking with your spouse about spending, and making health care or end-of-life decisions.
Through her own real-life experiences, and those of her clients, Cheryl shows what to do – and what not to do.



Who we are

Merriman was founded in 1983 as a fee-only investment advisory firm with a strong focus on excellent service, smart investing and long-term goals. We’ve grown significantly since then, and have also come to realize that investment advice is only a small piece of the puzzle.

Our process

To help our clients be truly successful in achieving their goals, we offer a comprehensive approach to wealth management that includes not only investment planning, but also encompasses taxes, estate planning, insurance, risk management, charitable giving and more.

How we think about investing

Investing is a sort of science. Our investment philosophy is grounded on decades of academic research, and relies on objective data rather than emotions and forecasts. Above all, we seek to balance return and risk considerations over longer-term time horizons.

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