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Demystifying College Financial Aid

As your high school senior starts eagerly checking the mail for college acceptance letters or your university scholar wraps up another tough semester, you and your student are aware of the impact of tuition and student loans on your future. It’s important to understand financial aid applications, options, and rates when navigating the complex arena of student loans.

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When Your Will Isn’t Enough

End of life matters aren’t something we generally want to discuss, but doing so can greatly ease the stress of your loved ones during a difficult time. Use this checklist to state your intentions!

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Charitable Giving

How You Can Leave A Lasting & Meaningful Legacy

Working with hundreds of clients over the years, I have discovered a pattern: many people want to help through philanthropic gifting or volunteerism, but they have a hard time deciding whether to give time or money, and how they should do it. If you have considered giving money or time, find out how to get started here.

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