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Psychology of Investing

Investing involves so much more than models and spreadsheets. It is an art rather than a science that involves humans interacting with each other. At its core, investing is a study of how we behave.

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Should You Renovate or Move Right Now?

Things that were once easy have become more complicated and time consuming, especially when it pertains to financial decisions. Deciding whether to renovate your home or move into a new one in the midst of this global pandemic for one, comes with added stressors.

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Should I Take the Boeing Voluntary Layoff (VLO)

Many people may be considering the Boeing Voluntary Layoff (VLO) offer but are unclear what retiring now would mean for their future lifestyle. This is a major decision to make in a short amount of time, and there are many factors to consider.

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Webinar | The Fragility of Retirement in the Coronavirus Era

We have also been hearing lots of questions from clients, prospects, friends, and family.

Should I sell all of my stocks now? Should I go to cash? Should I use all the cash I have to buy in? Should I file for Social Security earlier than planned? How will I pay for a hospital stay if I need one?

If you are worried about some of these things too, then click to learn more.

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How does the CARES Act impact me?

Curious about what’s contained in the new almost 900-page CARES Act legislation? Here’s a snapshot of some sections that will have the biggest impact for individual taxpayers.

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