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Lessons From The Lost Decade (2000-2009)

“Past performance is no guarantee of future results” is a required compliance disclosure used by money managers when reporting performance. Unfortunately, it is truer in the world of investments than almost anywhere else.

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What is a CDFA®?

Divorce is stressful and impacts the financial futures of those involved. Find out how a CDFA® can help alleviate the financial stressors in this article.

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Financial Blind Spots Quiz

Most people have financial blind spots – things they aren’t aware that they should be doing differently to improve their financial picture. We can’t fix problems we don’t know about, so we created a short quiz to help you identify your blind spots.

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Lease vs Buy: What’s the Best Option?

With the spring season knocking on the door, are you making plans to enjoy the Pacific Northwest? Consider the value of leasing vs buying to stretch your hard-earned dollars. Read this article to learn more about where to start when facing a lease or buy decision.

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What Happens When You Can’t Work?

A disability can happen at any time, to anyone. But not you, right? But what if it does? Making sure you are covered for this ‘what if’ is an important piece of your financial puzzle. Check out what you can do to be prepared.

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Talking to your Parents about Health and Finances

The best way to prepare and protect your family is to start with education and a thoughtful conversation. Spend the time now to educate your family members about the importance of saving for the unexpected in their own lives. Remember, surprises happen far less often when you have a plan.

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