Leveraged Global Opportunity Fund

In a follow up to a recent blog piece on our TrendWise Investment Program, the Merriman Research Team got together again to discuss our hedge fund, the Leveraged Global Opportunity Fund. Mark Metcalf again hosted Rafael VillagranDennis Tilley, and Alex Golubev for a discussion on how LGO fits into Merriman’s overall investment philosophy.


The ultimate buy-and-hold strategy

In this update to one of the most important items in our article library, Merriman shows how a series of simple but powerful concepts can benefit patient, thoughtful investors. This 2013 revision updates our hypothetical examples with data through 2012.

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How to avoid the worst mistakes investors make

In our investment workshops, we always discuss the biggest mistakes investors make. In this article, Paul Merriman identifies 18 examples in hopes that you will learn from other peoples’ mistakes so you won’t have to learn them yourself – the hard way.


Fear and your financial future

In this article, Paul Merriman addresses some of the fear-based questions that arise for many investors during tumultuous economic periods.