Lev Marcus

Research Analyst

As a Research Analyst, Lev works to improve Merriman’s core investment solutions using an evidenced based approach. Lev spends his days researching specific topics, performing custom client analyses, preparing client materials and improving automated systems. Before joining Merriman, Lev gained experience at Parametric Portfolio Associates a quantitative asset management firm.

Lev has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington where he studied physics and astronomy. While at UW Lev competed in pole vault and is still active in the community around Seattle, coaching at high schools and local camps.

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Merriman’s Take | Specialized & REITs

While the bulk of the investments we recommend are either stocks or bonds, we do recommend a few assets that don’t fall into either of those categories. These specialized investments are: reinsurance, alternative lending, & real estate.

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