Donna Conley

Donna Conley

Facilities and Events Manager

As Events Manager, Donna plans, coordinates and executes all of our client events. She is also our Facilities Manager, responsible for creating and updating the aesthetic aspects of our office spaces, and maintaining our facilities.

Hannah Mitchell

Administrative and Events Assistant

Hannah provides support for the front desk and assists with client events, office projects and scheduling client appointments. In addition, Hannah builds processes and procedures for the Support Services Team and provides administrative support for the Advisory team.

Angie Carter

Angie Carter

Professional Receptionist

As the “Director of First Impressions,” Angie is the voice and face of our office in Eugene. She especially loves taking care of clients. Angie schedules appointments, organizes meetings, greets clients when they visit the office, and works diligently to ensure that the office is running smoothly.

Remaining Q&A from Breakfast with Paul Merriman

We recently hosted an event with Paul Merriman, which ended with a Q&A. There were so many great questions asked, we didn’t have time to respond to them all, but we hate to leave any question unanswered. Here are some of the questions we didn’t get to, with answers...

Morningstar Gives DFA’s Disciplined Approach a Top Mark

Here is yet another example of why we prefer to use Dimensional funds in our MarketWise portfolios: Morningstar recently issued a new Stewardship Grade for DFA. The firm's overall grade--which considers corporate culture, fund board quality, fund manager incentives,...