Life only happens once. Live it fully.

At Merriman, we manage your wealth so you can lead your best life. We take care of the financial planning and investment management, so you can deal in more possibilities and have the space you need to dream big.

Because it’s time to stop asking "What should I do?" and start saying, "This is what I could do."


“In a world where so many folks worry about how to cover day-to-day expenses, I’ve come to see not thinking about money as perhaps the greatest luxury that money can buy.” Jonathan Clements, Author of From Here to Financial Happiness

Why Merriman Wealth Management

Our goal is to grow with you over the long term and that starts from our very first conversation. Whether you’re looking to build wealth or plan for retirement, we’re here for all of life’s moments and to help you feel confident with your financial decision making at every life stage.

Real-Life Insight for Every Life Stage

We meet you where you are and walk alongside you as you plan for the future. We show you how a financial plan can make all the difference—our advice can help you feel more confident and at ease as you approach each of life’s milestones.

We know your needs will change over time, so we provide a plan that’s personalized and evolves with you.

Start building your wealth while your children are young, like this photo of a mom doing yoga in plank pose while carrying her young daughter on her back.

Laying the Foundations for Life

in your 30s & 40s

You’re at a point where life is busy. Responsibilities are piling up—work, family, home ownership, and so many other priorities. You name it, you’re taking care of it.

But you also want to think ahead and plan for the future; you want to have a sense of financial security for yourself and for those you care about. You’re just not sure where to start with investing and how a financial advisor can help.

Optimize your wealth in the latter half of your working life, while enjoying time with your growing children or like this woman receiving a hug from her adult daughter.

Enjoying Life & Planning for the Future

in your 40s & 50s

You’re doing well in life and you’re at a point where you want to set yourself and others up for success. While you want to enjoy the present moment, things may be getting complex—you might be caring for aging parents, facing a growing tax bill, or thinking about retirement on the horizon.

You know you need an advisor, but you want to find the right financial partner who will work with you so you can make the most of your life. You want a plan that works so you don’t have to worry.

Build a wealth legacy end live fully in your golden ages so you spend time with extended family like in this photo of grandparents and grand children laughing and playing on the beach.

Aging Gracefully & Leaving a Legacy

in your 60s & beyond

You’re probably thinking a lot about how you will enjoy retirement. You’re also at a point in your life where you don’t want to do everything by yourself anymore.

So when it comes to investing and estate planning, you want a trusted partner and support system to help you make plans that will set you and your family up for the foreseeable future. That way you can enjoy your life and feel relieved knowing everything is taken care of.

Smiling elderly couple sitting on a porch while checking their financial portfolio on a tablet.

How We Work

The Merriman Method

We equip you with the reliable and intelligent information you need to understand your choices and feel empowered to make informed decisions about your financial future. Our advisors are here to help you get the most out of your resources so you can make the most of your life.

When your finances are taken care of, you have time to play like this middle aged couple on the bach with the man carrying the woman.

What We Do

Invest Your Wealth Wisely

Together, we’ll talk about big-picture planning and how to achieve your investment goals, so you can attain the life you aspire to lead. With a Wealth Management Plan made to meet your needs and exceed your expectations, you can create a path to financial freedom and life fulfillment.

We’re here to set you up for success—today, tomorrow, and for everything that comes next.


“Merriman is the place to be if you want your money invested wisely.” Marshall Rothman, Client

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