Jeff Barnett

Wealth Advisor

Jeff joined Merriman in 2018 and comes from a background in healthcare research at Swedish Medical Center and the Ohio State University Medical Center. He earned his undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Master of Applied Clinical and Preclinical Research at The Ohio State University. Now that he has finished his graduate coursework, Jeff is completing the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ program.

Jeff worked on clinical trials researching new drugs before pursuing his passion in finance. He emphasizes creating tailored solutions to financial planning for clients and evaluating the best potential strategies. 

“My curiosity for the technical side of finance drew me from healthcare research to financial planning mid-career, and I leverage my background in clinical trials and analysis to implement the academic side of investing.  I enjoy finding unique solutions and efficiencies to streamline our clients’ financial lives. While I use my technical skill set every day, it’s my ability to enrich and support families that’s the most fulfilling part of my role as an advisor.” 

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