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Celebrating Merriman’s 40th Anniversary!

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Jeremy Burger

By Jeremy Burger, Chief Executive Officer CFA®, CFP®
Published On 08/17/2023

Greetings from Merriman!

I’m writing in a spirit of celebration as we mark Merriman’s 40th anniversary in business and announce a newly refreshed website and branding that reflects the vibrant firm we are today. Over the years, the business has evolved from one man’s personal passion for giving investment advice to a diverse team of fifty-eight providing comprehensive wealth management guidance to over two thousand households across the country. While many things have changed in 40 years, our commitment to serve our clients has never wavered and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them! Many clients offer introductions to friends and family, which has helped our business grow and we are filled with appreciation each time we get to also work with those our clients care about. It’s been an incredible journey, and we are grateful for the continued partnership and trust.

The Birth and Evolution of Merriman

When Paul Merriman started the business in 1983, it was a different time. There was no internet, few individuals had computers at home and when they did, they were more limited in capacity than the smartphones everyone carries in their pocket today. Access to investments and advice for anyone outside the ultra-wealthy was a new concept. The first S&P 500 index fund individuals could buy was only a few years old and the first ETF was launched the same year. Buying and selling securities typically required going through expensive stockbrokers and the average expense ratio of mutual funds was well north of 1%.

Fast forward 40 years and we live in a world where technology is everywhere, individuals can buy stocks on their smartphones with the tap of a finger, paying 1.0% for an S&P 500 mutual fund seems like highway robbery, and any investment advice you want can be found with a simple internet search. I have no doubt the next 40 years will bring just as much change.

As we have set a goal of continuing to be a flourishing business four decades in the future, we have reflected on the core principles that have enabled our success over the last four. The most important of these is always doing what is right for clients. We believe we are at our best when we take the time to understand, connect and provide the reliable and intelligent advice people need to make informed decisions and attain the life they desire to lead.

The second is a commitment to thoughtful innovation. The definition of great service is constantly evolving, and we strive to lead that advance. To us, that means always being on the lookout for new products, technologies, and ways of doing business that elevate the client experience. In the past, this has included things like introducing alternative lending as a new asset class in our investment portfolio or adding financial planning to our investment management services as we did in the 2010s. It also has included more radical changes like in the 1990s when we moved many assets away from market-timing strategies that had been run since the firm’s founding because we no longer believed they would provide the same level of benefit for most clients going forward. While we embrace change, we seek to be mindful of the difference between chasing the latest fad and adding something that provides lasting value.

As we look forward and have conversations around the impact of new technologies, including AI, we see the future of advice becoming ever more personalized and comprehensive. As we have honed our brand message, one of the things we have reflected on is the positive impact wealth management can have at every stage of life and how important it is that a plan evolves with you. We believe true wealth isn’t defined by a number, but by having the knowledge and understanding of how money works so you can start asking yourself what you want instead of just what you need. We sincerely hope that today and into the future, you will experience true wealth.

Finally, please explore our new website and take in the new colors, logo, and layouts. I hope you feel our ongoing commitment to having a diverse team of individuals who are inspired to help you achieve your goals and have the talent to deliver the services you desire. Reach out – we are here for you!

We look forward to building a partnership.

Jeremy Burger
Chief Executive Officer







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Jeremy Burger

By Jeremy Burger, Chief Executive Officer CFA®, CFP®

As CEO, Jeremy directs Merriman’s overall strategic plan and is focused on ensuring we have the right talent and resources in place to help our clients LIVE FULLY and provide peace of mind throughout their financial lives. In addition, Jeremy is responsible for our inorganic growth effort which seeks to bring together likeminded firms across the western U.S. to better serve our clients.

Jeremy is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and a Chartered Financial Analyst®. He is a graduate of Seattle Pacific University with a degree in business administration and a minor in economics. He is also a member of the CFA Institute and the CFA Society of Seattle.

Outside the office, Jeremy spends time with his wife and three daughters, enjoying the outdoors, traveling to new places and supporting those causes most important to them. Jeremy is committed to helping his community and has worked with the Seattle Pacific University mentorship program and actively supports a variety of local charities including the Fred Hutch Cancer Center and those focused on helping disadvantaged children.

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