Rods Alvarez

Client Services Account Specialist

Rods joined the Merriman team in September 2021 with a well-established background in financial services, administrative assistance, and management. Rods takes pride in keeping her clients’ needs at the center of all she does to provide them and her team with best-level support. Rods enjoys helping others through her work and values knowing she is part of a team that strives to help clients live fully.

When Rods is not at work, she loves spending time with her husband Mitch and their two daughters. They adore riding their bicycles together, hiking, cooking, baking, and reading as a family. There are only a few things Rods enjoys more than being a team player, yet visiting her family in Texas, helping translate at her church, and eating tacos do make it on that list.

What is a Client Services Account Specialist?

Your first point of contact

When you visit or call our office, you'll speak with one of us. We pride ourselves on providing warm, professional, and quality service every time you walk in our doors or one of your calls lights up our phone.

Your financial liaison

We coordinate between you, the custodian, and your Wealth Advisor. We help execute everything you discuss with your advisor, collaborating with them daily to tackle the objectives for managing your assets.

Your account expert

We can assist with all of your account maintenance needs. Whether you need a quick money transfer, confirmation of a recent trade, or are wading through 401(k) rollover paperwork, we can help!

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