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Why Merriman Wealth Management

Financial planning can be fun. Merriman financial advisors will meet with you to discuss the best options for you, like in this collage picture where a group of people in suits surround a meeting table in a conference room, sharing laughter.

For over 40 years, our team has been here for our clients’ important moments, milestones, and everything that matters most. We see our job as walking alongside you as you reach a level of empowerment and excitement for what’s to come.

$3.5 Billion*

Over $3.5 billion in assets managed for clients across the country

54 Employees*

We have 54 employees in three offices across the Pacific Northwest

1983 Founded

Founded in 1983 by educator Paul Merriman and became a Focus Partner firm in 2012

20 CFPS®*

All our Wealth Advisors are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professionals

*As of 11/30/23

Everyone Deserves to Live Life to the Fullest

At Merriman, living fully means dreaming bigger and imagining what’s possible for your life.

We are your financial support system with a plan to set you up for long-term success.

By combining financial and life guidance, we’re able to help you think beyond just money so you can realize there’s so much more you can do. And when you start to see what’s possible, you can lead a life filled with endless opportunities.

Working with a Merriman Advisor can help you gain peace of mind and become confident in your decision-making so you can live up to your financial expectations and exceed them.


  • We will problem solve. We will work with you to find creative solutions to achieve your financial goals.

  • We will stay future-focused. We will plan for the unexpected and be proactive.

  • We will be empathetic. We will take care of you no matter where you are in your life.

  • We will be technical. We will rely on intelligent information and take measured risks.

  • We will always be improving. We will always strive to be better than we were before.


“From the very first meeting, where they matched us with our financial advisor, to every subsequent meeting, we're blown away at the level of attention to detail in their services.” Kaylee McHugh, Client

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“Merriman has a world-class team and they are 100% service-oriented.” Marshall Rothman, Client

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Our friendly Financial Advisors have your back, like in this photo of a Wealth Advisor meeting with a older couple sitting in an elegant and private office.

Our Team is at the Heart of Who We Are

With us, you’ll always have someone to meet you where you are and understand what you're going through.

Our team of advisors will start and grow with you as you send your kids to the colleges of their choice, plan the trip that's been on your bucket list, and ultimately come to enjoy retirement.

Our goal is to help you feel empowered throughout it all.

By getting to know who you are, we can apply our skills, technical expertise, and data-backed knowledge to create an investment strategy that fits your goals.

As fiduciaries and not broker-dealers or commissioned salespeople, our advisors are legally held to the highest standard of recommending what is in the best interest of our clients, not simply something that is suitable.

We have a team of dedicated and caring investment professionals whose job is to find you the best investments they can—with full transparency and no hidden commissions.

By getting to know who you are, we can apply our skills, technical expertise, and data-backed knowledge to create an investment strategy that fits your goals.
We put your needs first and have your best interests at heart.

We put your needs first and have your best interests at heart.

You’re not likely to find a team with as much integrity, ingenuity, tenacity, and curiosity—it’s just in our nature and our Pacific Northwest roots. Your wealth, life, and legacy goals matter to us just as much as they do to you.

So let us take care of it all for you by planning for your future today. We'll be with you every step of the way. (Meet our wealth advisors.)

We Bring Our Best Selves to Work Every Day.

Just like we inspire our clients to imagine what’s possible for their lives, we always go above and beyond, both personally and professionally, to see what we can achieve as individuals and together as a firm.

If you like what you see and would like to become part of the Merriman team, check out our available career opportunities.


We do what is right over what is easy

We have a bias toward action

We strive to be remarkable

We embrace the adventure



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