Merriman Webinar How to Live Fully in Retirement

Do you worry about having enough money to enjoy your life after retirement? Does the fear of running out of money prevent you from spending on things that will make you happy? Perhaps you’d like to give more to the causes, charities, or families you care about.

Join author and Wealth Advisor Geoff Curran as he discusses how to spend more and give more in retirement. He answers questions about “financial immortality”, which accounts and how much you can safely withdraw per year, how best to give to charity and transfer wealth to your family plus mistakes to avoid. Bonus! You will also receive Geoff's eBook, Merriman's Guide to Living Fully in Retirement.

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Webinar Hosted By: Geoff Curran, Wealth Advisor CPA/ABV, CFA®, CFP®

Geoff has always enjoyed talking with people about finance, learning about their investments, financial strategy, and business sense. His interest only deepened with time, and what began as a hobby has now become a life-long passion, with an unparalleled passion for continuing education that makes him an expert in many subjects from traditional taxes and investments to business succession planning and executive compensation negotiations.