Each year, the IRS releases inflation-adjusted figures for key retirement contribution limits.  Some limits remain the same, while others may experience a slight increase.  Below are the contribution limits for 2012.  The “catch-up” limits apply to those 50 years or older.

2012 Contribution Limits

Traditional IRA$5,000
Traditional IRA with catch-up contribution$6,000
Roth IRA$5,000
Roth IRA with catch-up contribution$6,000
401(k) with catch-up contribution$22,500*
403(b) with catch-up contribution$22,500*
SIMPLE IRA employee contribution$11,500
SIMPLE IRA employee contribution with catch-up$14,000
SEP IRA$50,000* or 25% of employee salary (whichever is smaller)

*indicates a change from 2011 tax year limits.