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Making a difference in our community

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By Colleen Lindstrom,
Published On 12/14/2010

We recently rolled out a new community volunteer program. In this program, we’ve given each Merriman employee up to 100 hours per year of company-paid time to use for volunteering with the charitable organization of their choice. We are very excited about the possibilities for our company and our employees to have a positive impact in our community.

I have mentioned this new program to friends and colleagues, and I’m getting a consistent response – shock! They are amazed that Merriman would approve such a generous program. So I wanted to take a minute to blog about why this is great program from the company’s perspective.

Our employees are delighted about this program. Studies consistently show that happy employees are more productive. This increased productivity will offset many of the hours we are allocating to charitable volunteer time, while making each of us happier and more fulfilled.  Happy employees are also more loyal, staying much longer with their employer.

Our clients have consistently told us one of their top priorities is to continue working with the same team of people. Our clients value their relationships with their advisor, client service rep, our fantastic front desk crew, and the other folks they talk to here at Merriman.  Programs that make our employees want to work here forever are great for our clients. And having happy clients is great for Merriman.

One of my priorities is to create the best team of people who will take the best care of our clients. The kind of person that is drawn to Merriman because of our community volunteer program is the kind of person I want to work with. They are the kind of people our clients want to work with.

Rolling out the new program has generated a positive energy in the office as people have brainstormed how they would use their volunteer hours. It’s been very engaging, and employees are excited to volunteer for new organizations. We have one large group talking to Habitat for Humanity, making plans to volunteer as a team. I’m certain each of us will learn new skills and develop new contacts.

I know our employees are out in the community telling their friends, families, and fellow volunteers what a great place Merriman is. And that is a great thing for Merriman too.

Honestly, approving the community volunteer program was an easy decision, and I’m confident that our clients and the company will benefit as much as the community. I love that kind of win-win!

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