To help our clients be truly successful in achieving their goals, we offer a comprehensive approach to wealth management that includes not only investment planning, but also encompasses taxes, estate planning, insurance, risk management, charitable giving and more. To find solutions that best fit your needs, Merriman will coordinate with various unaffiliated third parties, such as insurance providers, accountants, and/or estate planning attorneys, when appropriate. You will find that one of the most significant contributions we bring to your success is the ongoing assessment and interpretation of your needs, goals, resources and choices. As your financial needs and plans for the future evolve, so will your portfolio.


Merriman’s sophisticated and customizable investment platform combines our proprietary investment programs with carefully selected externally-managed funds generally not available directly to individual investors. Our proprietary programs include two fundamental investment strategies that can be implemented separately or in combination, depending on client objectives and risk tolerances. Each core strategy primarily seeks to achieve favorable long-term growth of capital with less volatility and risk than comparable products.

Merriman also offers a specialized global tactical asset allocation strategy to assist accredited investors and qualified clients in achieving their unique objectives.


Our most widely used strategy, where assets are allocated and rebalanced across asset classes through a carefully selected mix of primarily low-cost mutual funds. MarketWise portfolios are customized to each client’s individual risk tolerance, and are designed to remain fully invested at all times.


An actively-managed strategy that applies our rules-based trend-following discipline to manage risk. This strategy trades in and out of pre-selected investments and asset classes as market conditions change. TrendWise applies proprietary quantitative models to invest globally and across asset classes primarily through ETFs.

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