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Merriman named one of Washington’s 50 Greenest Companies!

Merriman named one of Washington's 50 Greenest Companies! -

By Merriman Wealth Management, Wealth Advisor
Published On 09/22/2011

We are proud to be named in the October 2011 issue of Seattle Business Magazine as one of the 50 greenest companies in the state of Washington.  Making this list demonstrates pronounced leadership in areas of sustainability, green practices, commitment to our environment and the future of our natural resources.  Part of the entry was an essay submission written by Merriman employee Megan Stariha.

Merriman is passionate about conducting business as an environmentally responsible organization.  Dedication to these values extends beyond company objectives and is instilled in each one of Merriman’s employees.  Major pillars of Merriman’s business operation are driven by our effort to be green and encourage those we do business with and our community to adopt that same priority.  The efforts of our business are echoed in policies meant to foster and encourage green living in the office and at home.  The evolution of Merriman’s existence as a Green organization began with the construction of our office, continued with mastering the foundations of reducing, reusing and recycling, and is renewed and updated through various communications and programs in the organization.

As we mastered the foundations of operating as a Green firm through implementing company policy and resource guidelines regarding recycling, composting, preserving electricity and much more, we wanted to extend our enthusiasm for environmental responsibility beyond the basics.  The result was the presence of the Green section on the company’s intranet.  This gateway is open to all employees and is the mode of communication for many important pillars of our business.  Because of its importance to business operations, it is the ideal platform for the Green programs to reside.  These programs give the individuals that make up the Merriman team the tools and know-how to implement more Green living solutions into their lives and also recognition when they go the extra mile.

In addition to the provision of the Weekly Green Tip, Caught You Green Handed is also a prominent fixture in the Merriman culture.  Caught You Green Handed is modeled after an existing program intended to recognize individuals for going above and beyond the confines of their jobs.  Similarly, Caught You Green Handed is intended to credit employees for stellar Green actions and efforts.  Caught You Green Handed encourages individuals to be creative in their Green solutions and dedicated to supporting Green Initiatives.  Caught You Green Handed is an integral part of Merriman’s monthly Recognition Hour.  Employees with the most outstanding display of consideration for our environment are awarded each month with a Green Prize.  Green Prizes are selected and distributed as resources that aid individuals in their environmentally conscious efforts.  Prizes have ranged from plantable greeting cards to reusable lunch supplies.  The awards are meant not only to reward Green behavior but to encourage consistent future Green awareness and actions.

At Merriman, environmental responsibility is a commitment to not only utilize Green business practices, but also to educate and inspire those around us to adopt eco-friendly lifestyles.  Our green programs are innovative and effective mechanisms to motivate the Merriman team to constantly be thinking of the environment and our impact on it.  We will continually strive to be one of the 50 Greenest companies.


Written by Donna Conley

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By Merriman Wealth Management, Wealth Advisor

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