A Merriman Advisor will employ a comprehensive wealth management approach to help you achieve your goals while preserving and protecting the wealth you have worked hard to accumulate.

Our proactive and collaborative process helps us understand who you are and what you want to accomplish so we can implement a customized plan for all areas of your financial life: investments, taxes, estate planning, insurance, charitable giving, and more. Because we focus our energy on these needs, our clients can spend more time doing the things they love, and live fuller, richer lives.

In this video, Merriman Advisor Tyler Bartlett explains the how and why of our process in greater detail.

Discovery Meeting

We get to know you, your values, relationships, goals, financial resources, health and interests.

Strategy Meeting

We present a custom-crafted investment plan with our recommendations for you.

Implementation Meeting

We answer any lingering questions and get started on implementing your customized plan.

Progress Meetings

After 90 days and then periodically, we’ll review the progress made toward your plan.

The Wealth Management Plan

Your Advisor will meet with a professional network team of carefully selected experts in taxes, estate planning and insurance to evaluate all aspects of your financial situation and devise appropriate solutions that will help you in achieving your goals. These solutions will be presented to you in a Wealth Management Plan that includes a list of actionable items for you and your advisor to work through.