Kristi de Grys

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Investment Officer

As Chief Operating and Investment Officer, Kristi is responsible for the firm’s investment offerings, client service, and operations. She and her team are focused on delivering ever greater value to our clients through outstanding service, diversified investment offerings, and easy-to-use technology.

Kristi joined Merriman in January of 2016 as a research analyst. In that role and later as Director of Research, she has been actively involved in launching several new funds in collaboration with Dimensional Fund Advisors, the widespread adoption of asset location across client accounts, and centralizing trading and portfolio management functions. 

Prior to joining Merriman, Kristi spent 18 years as an engineer and project manager in the aerospace field working on satellite propulsion systems. In recognition of her contributions to the field of electric propulsion, she has won several national awards and been granted multiple patents.

Kristi has a bachelor’s degree in physics and mechanical engineering from Yale University. A Washington native, Kristi and her husband have two children and the family enjoys birdwatching, running, cooking and traveling.

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