Corporate Responsibility

At Merriman, we strive to improve the future for our clients and everybody else with whom we interact. The quality of that future depends on the quality of our world and its environment.

We are committed to the community

Our employees inspire us with their desire to help others. We fully support and celebrate their involvement in the community, and have implemented programs to help our employees make a positive impact.

We recognize that each employee is passionate about a different cause. Instead of choosing one, we have established a volunteer program to support employees in contributing time to the 501(c)3 non-profit organization of their choice.

In addition, we organize company-wide fundraising efforts, like our annual Northwest Harvest fundraiser, which help to rally our employees around a cause and make a bigger impact than any one of us could individually.

We are committed to being green

We care about sustaining the Earth’s resources and are making as many “green” operational changes as we can in our office. We encourage our employees to do the same at home.

Being good stewards of our environment will require large numbers of people to make many small changes. No single person, no single company, no single nation can do the job alone.

At the Seattle Climate Partnership you will find links to more information about the environment and how you can make a difference. If each of us takes the time to make more thoughtful and responsible choices in our everyday lives, our individual and collective futures will be better.