I'm Mallory Braun

Business Process Specialist, CAPM, PSM I, PSPO I

Mallory has been at Merriman for over a dozen years and works diligently to ensure our operations run smoothly. Her favorite thing about Merriman is “our ability to be a key part of a team and contribute to the success of our clients. With our collaborative culture and a wide variety of complementary strengths, we're able to tackle the hard and important problems with curiosity, intent, and always with the mindset of improvement and growth, both as a team and an individual.”

Mallory enjoys traveling and exploring new places near and far. She admits to being a bit obsessed with her two doodles, Tiger & Pacha. Tiger’s a little dog with a big personality, who loves attention and cuddles. Pacha has a sweet, goofy personality, and is her personal running buddy.