Employees are clients, too

I have a great job. Every day I have the opportunity to interact with some of the brightest, most interesting, and thoughtful people I know. Appreciating this environment is quite easy because I haven’t always had such a great experience. For many people I know, work is just that – work. One of the first sayings I heard while training for the world of human resources was that people don’t quit their jobs, they quit their bosses. I reflected back on my own career and concurred this was indeed the case. I was determined to learn from my experiences and try to avoid repeating the mistakes I observed elsewhere. Most people enjoy what they do, as long as they like the people they work with and feel appreciated.

At Merriman, we constantly look for ways to create great experiences for our clients. As Director of Human Resources, I have very little direct interaction with Merriman clients. I do, however, have my own set of clients – the great people who work at Merriman. Human Resources indirectly has an impact on Merriman’s clients by ensuring our employees are well taken care of. Because we give great care to our internal clients, they can take great care of Merriman clients. (more…)