How Your Health Leads to Your Wealth

How Your Health Leads to Your Wealth

I started playing sports as soon as I could walk. The companionship, competitiveness and fun all lit a fire in me. That fire sports gave me has now turned into a passion for truly understanding exercise, health, and the relationship between them. I’ve been a lifelong student of learning how working out and eating right can affect performance, motivation and productivity. Not just in sports, but in my life in general. Another blessing was the fact that I had parents who attended every single game I played in. I got to witness firsthand the joy that putting family first can bring. However, I also witnessed how difficult it is to balance family, careers, goals and money without proper guidance. This is what led me to becoming a financial advisor – to help people achieve that balance and enable them to focus on what’s important to them, like family. (more…)

Travel made easy

Client review meetings always give me something to look forward to. Not only do they present an opportunity to ensure we are on track for meeting the client’s financial goals, they also give me a chance to find out what is new in the client’s life.

I especially love hearing about the travel adventures of my clients – everything from the destination and local sights to the food and the culture. For me, it is a great opportunity to learn about new places and always gives me new ideas for my own dream vacation list. I only wish I could share this information with other travel seekers. Fortunately for my clients, I am busy working on their financial plans, and putting together an archive of travel information is not something I have time for. The good news is there are plenty of websites that have already taken care of it.

Frommers is a great place to start. The website has an interactive map of the continents which lets you narrow in on specific destinations. Once you’ve found the place you’re looking for, it offers an array of helpful information, including suggested itineraries, organized tours, and suggestions for restaurants and hotels.

TripAdvisor is another great resource to consult in addition to Frommers. The thing that makes TripAdvisor stand out is its ability to create community around travel. There are thousands of reviews covering everything from activities to restaurants and hotels. There are also forums that allow you to interact with other travelers who can help answer your questions. This site will help you cut through the weeds and create a trip worth remembering.

Once your trip is mapped out,  make sure your itinerary is organized. The last thing you want to do is miss a flight or be late and lose out on a hotel reservation. This is where TripIt comes into play. Simply email your confirmation emails to TripIt it will build your itinerary for you to print or access from your mobile devices.

A few other quick mentions:

1) Travel blogs: Once you have a destination in mind, search for blogs that cover it. You can sort through older posts and be alerted when new content is posted. All in all, it is a great way to get “in the know” on your destination.

2) For privately-owned accommodations: try Airbnb and VRBO

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