Our work at Merriman is all about empowering our clients to live their lives fully. Having a financial plan in place and professional investment management provides peace of mind that allows people to focus on what they love to do most.

We conducted a survey to see why our clients chose Merriman and why they’ve continued to work with us throughout the years. We compiled their top ten reasons why—in their own words—and decided to showcase their responses in a ten-part blog series. This is part ten, our final installment. We hope you have enjoyed this series.

Reason #10 Why Clients Hire Merriman: “If something does go wrong, there’s someone I can blame.”

No matter their knowledge, years of expertise, or well-advised insight, there’s no advisor who can single-handedly control market movements. Markets fluctuate. They always will. If, or when, a market is down, it’s easier for you or your partner to blame an advisor than each other. What we’ve heard from our clients is that ability to lay blame on a third-party eases relationship tension that could surface during those stressful times. We find this “safeguard feature” means a lot to our clients. Not everything is predictable, but you can feel safe and confident with us.

Since this is still the start of a new decade, this is a great time to get organized and chart a new way forward. Working alongside an advisor takes the pressure off of having to know what to do first, how to be right about everything, and gives you a back-up opinion you can trust. If anything does go wrong, it’s not your fault. (Feels good, right?)

If you’d like to feel more confident about your financial future, leverage one of our financial advisors as a resource for your family. We’ll get to know you, your goals, and your values. There’s nothing we love more than helping people get back to living their lives fully. Contact us! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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