Our work at Merriman is all about empowering our clients to live their lives fully. Having a financial plan in place and professional investment management provides peace of mind that allows people to focus on what they love to do most.

We conducted a survey to see why our clients chose Merriman and why they’ve continued to work with us throughout the years. We compiled their top ten reasons why—in their own words—and decided to showcase their responses in a ten-part blog series. This is part six, out of ten.

Reason #6: Merriman offloads tasks, making my to-do list even shorter!”

If you’re not someone who lives and breathes number crunching and financial planning like us, there are probably things you don’t want to spend your time doing. That’s another reason why our clients love us!

When you work alongside a financial advisor, we step in and handle the financial details you’d rather not focus on. We take care of the heavy lifting. While we do the things that we love to do, you can get back to the more enjoyable aspects of your life. If you’re looking for some way to shrink your financial to-do list, give us a call.

We find “paralysis by analysis” is quite common with clients—initially. Our collaborative approach to financial planning starts with a discovery meeting that leads into strategic implementation. After we get started, you’ll feel the benefits of financial planning and see your to-do list getting smaller and smaller. 

To learn more about how we can help you unlock financial freedom or to schedule a discovery meeting, contact us via our website or call 206-285-8877.

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