Our work at Merriman is all about empowering our clients to live their lives fully. Having a financial plan in place and professional investment management provides peace of mind that allows people to focus on what they love to do most.

We conducted a survey to see why our clients chose Merriman and why they’ve continued to work with us throughout the years. We compiled their top ten reasons—in their own words—and decided to showcase their responses in a ten-part blog series. This is part eight, out of ten.

Reason #8: “I’m grateful you guys hold me accountable. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t do it.”

Staying accountable is a powerful tactic that works well whether you’re trying to eat more vegetables, show up to 52 yoga classes per year, or finish the first draft of your novel. The same applies in financial planning. You’re much more likely to stay on track when you’re regularly checking in with someone. That’s where we come in.

An advisor will help you take decisive action and hold you accountable to your plan, keeping you on track to achieve everything that’s important to you. Think of your financial path forward as something that’s all yours. We make a plan to mirror the life you’re hoping to live. This is about what you want and what you’re striving for. Then, we hold you to it.

If you’d like to feel more confident about your financial future, take the first step: contact us. We’ll get to know you, your goals, and your values, so you can start living life fully. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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