At Merriman, one of our main goals is to provide exceptional service to our clients and place their needs first. One of the ways we do that is by supporting our clients with an entire team of people. As a client of Merriman’s, you’ll work with your Financial Advisor, of course, but you’ll also have the help of Client and Support Services Representatives, as well as Research and Finance staff. We at Merriman believe this team approach is a benefit you’ll feel far and wide.

When you call our office during business hours, our Support Services staff will personally answer your call. Imagine your advisor is either in a consultation or company meeting and all you need a simple request fulfilled. Anywhere else, you’d be sent to voicemail, regardless of how urgent your request is. How frustrating is that?

At Merriman, you’ll be given the option to speak to our Client Service team. There are very few things this team can’t help you with, and with a group of four people willing and ready to help, there’s almost always someone you can speak to right away.

This group supports our advisors in all aspects of your account management, except trading and giving financial advice. In fact, most of our clients’ requests for account maintenance activities (things like address changes, distributions, requests for forms and general questions) end up on their desks!

So next time you call us, if your Financial Advisor is busy, ask for your Client Services team. If it’s something they can help you with and save you the time waiting for a call back, they’re happy to do it!