At Merriman Wealth Management, there’s nothing we love more than taking on the burden of financial planning so our clients can get back to spending their time and energy doing the things they love.

Over the past few years, we’ve been asking our clients—to hear it in their own words—about the value they gain from working with us. We’ve compiled the top ten reasons why clients hire us and we will be showcasing these responses in this ten-part blog installment. Here is part one, out of ten.

Reason #1: “Merriman helps you weigh your options.”

Today, almost everyone has an iPhone in their pocket and a search engine, like Google, at the ready. Google is great for things like looking up baking recipes and movie trivia, but when it comes to personalized financial advice, Google isn’t great.

Our Merriman financial advisors take your life, specifics, and goals one step further. We’re experts in taxes, estate planning, and insurance, so we know how to evaluate all aspects of your financial situation. We apply smarter financial planning strategies with insight and intelligence so you can achieve your goals and protect the wealth you’ve worked hard to accumulate.

The Merriman financial planning approach is pro-active and collaborative. “Our process is much more focused on getting to know our clients,” Tyler Bartlett, Merriman advisor, says. “Money is an important tool, but it’s only a tool that helps you achieve what’s important to you.”

Google won’t be able to formulate a financial strategy for you. At Merriman, we can.

Are you ready to team up and unlock your financial freedom? To learn more about how we can help or to schedule a discovery meeting, contact us HERE or call 206-285-8877. We look forward to hearing from you!