Our work at Merriman is all about empowering our clients to live their lives fully. Having a financial plan in place and professional investment management provides peace of mind that allows people to focus on what they love to do most.

We conducted a survey to see why our clients chose Merriman and why they’ve continued to work with us throughout the years. We compiled their top ten reasons why—in their own words—and decided to showcase their responses in a ten-part blog series. This is part four, out of ten.

Reason #4: “Merriman provides what I’m looking for: validation.”

In the grand scheme of wealth management and investment policy, you may already have a sense of what you’d like to build and which direction you want to go. There may be certain investments you’d like to make or strategies that match your lifestyle. Even if you are someone who has an innate sense of financial strategy, teaming up with an advisor gives you a certain confidence that you’re on the right track and making the best decisions.

It can be extremely helpful to partner up with an advisor and have him or her validate your thoughts. In addition to our expertise, we offer clients that validation. Lowell Parker, a Merriman Wealth Advisor and Certified Financial Planner who focuses on retirement income and goal-based planning for pre-retirees, says this kind of partnering up with clients is his favorite part of the job. He said, “The ability to partner with my clients to help them achieve their financial goals and provide peace of mind along the way is why I love what I do.”

Whether you’re someone who has an idea of which way to go or you’re someone who is open to suggestions, an advisor offers opinions and strategies to match who you are, what your values are, and the life you’re living. They may even bring up additional items or suggest supplemental insight that you might not have considered before. 

At Merriman, we owe allegiance to our clients and their financial future which is why we custom craft your plan. Our advisors are here to help you every step of the way. Together, we help create a smoother investment journey and make your financial road easier and more secure.

To learn more about our unique approach at Merriman and how we can help you unlock financial freedom, call us at 206-285-8877. You can also contact us here to schedule a discovery meeting. We’re looking forward to hearing from you! 

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