Working at Merriman has many great benefits because of the importance this company places on taking care of its employees creating a truly unique work environment. But one benefit that is often forgotten about is the fact that we also get to take advantage of our own services. It is so awesome to work at an office so rich with knowledge. I love sitting down with my own advisor, Phuc Dang, to go over my savings and expenses. Having a third party review my financial situation is extremely helpful – Phuc always finds a little something I missed, and can point out ways to use or save my money more wisely.

One of my many responsibilities at Merriman is to send out a friendly reminder to our clients when it is time for their review. A common response is that everything is going well with their accounts and therefore a review is not needed. While it is great that our clients are comfortable in knowing they are investing wisely, it’s also important to make sure you’re living fully. These reviews are a great time to touch base with your advisor and go over the sometimes forgotten little things that could make your situation that much better.

When you get the reminder that it is time to come in for your review, remember this is an opportunity to live fully not just invest wisely. Your advisor is here to look at the whole picture, not just your portfolio and returns. The work you do with your advisor should not only be about your financial situation, but also your quality of life.

To read more about what you might talk with your advisor about in a review meeting, read this post from Elaine Scoggins on the things we can help with.