At work on a Monday someone will ask “what did you do this weekend?”  My answer is usually “I golfed,” and their response is usually “in the rain?”

Putting aside my addiction to improving my golf handicap, the desire to surround myself with the beauty of nature provides me a calming perspective.  Often when I am in the fairway, I stop to look at the beauty that surrounds me.  Not in a passive sort of way, but to really take it all in. On some courses there are breathtaking views of The Puget Sound, gorgeous colors of foliage and wildlife.  Just last weekend, we encountered two deer walking across the fairway.  Visual reminders like the deer stick with me when I am making environmental choices.

In going about our daily lives – working, eating, commuting, and taking care of our home – we have an impact on our surroundings.  If you take a moment to pause and appreciate the beauty around you, you may be motivated to make small changes in your own life to decrease your carbon footprint and keep the beauty that is in nature.

Why do I golf in the rain?  Well, we live in Seattle. All this beautiful nature often happens in rain. In the elusive sun, clouds, or in the rain, the Pacific Northwest landscape is visually magnificent.

This Sunday is Earth Day, and I challenge you to celebrate this magnificence with a hike, walk, gardening, or a round of golf – any activity that will take you outside to enjoy the beauty of nature, even if it’s raining.