Our work at Merriman is all about empowering our clients to live their lives fully. Having a financial plan in place for even the most unpredictable aspects of life provides peace of mind, allowing people to focus on what they love to do most.

We conducted a survey to see why our clients chose Merriman and why they’ve continued to work with us throughout the years. We compiled their top ten reasons why—in their own words—and decided to showcase their responses in a ten-part blog series. This is part nine, out of ten.

Reason #9: “I know my family will be taken care of even after I’m gone.”

Life is about living! At Merriman, we get that. We’re here to help you gain control of your finances and get your money to work for you and your family, while you’re here and even after you’re gone. We find having a plan in place and knowing that everything is under control makes things crystal clear. It’s like preparing for the worst. When there’s a plan in place, there’s less room for stress. There’s more freedom.

Are you confident that your other family members will be taken care of even after you’re gone? An advisor who understands your values, wishes, and financial standing will often be an asset to other members of your family or business partners. Your personal advisor can provide family continuity. Plus, an advisor will help you think about how you want to prepare for the unpleasant aspects of life, like death or the idea of dementia, and work to provide a continuation of whatever plan you put into motion.

We’ve each got our own passion about living. Our Chief Operations Officer and Chief Investment Officer Kristi de Grys proudly owns a flag that flew in one of the space shuttles. Paresh Kamdar, one of our Wealth Advisors who loves to travel, could eat Vietnamese soup, ramen, and tacos for the rest of his life. Michael Van Sant, another one of our Certified Financial Planners, took his family abroad last year for the first time and has slowly been getting back into music, thanks to the inspiration and encouragement from his thirteen-year-old daughter. We’re all about being here and being present for the lives we’re living. Once you join our Merriman family, we take care of the financial aspects and you take care of the rest: you can get back to living.

If you’d like to feel more in control about your finance future, contact us! We’ll get to know you, your goals, and your future plans, so you can start focus on living life fully. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and having you join our family!

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